Redux Definition

Redux can be confusing for beginner React developers to understand. There are a lot of concepts you need to know to use it properly, like reducers, actions, store, pure functions, immutability, redux web development and much more. Whenever an action is dispatched, all the reducers are activated. Each reducer filters out the action using a switch statement switching on the action type.
Redux is a post-positive adjective meaning ‘brought back, restored’ (from Latin reducere, ‘to bring back’)[1] used in literature, film and video game titles. Note that the state parameter is a default parameter which accepts an initial state. This is to handle the scenario when the reducer is called for the first time when the state value is undefined.
redux definition
Now imagine what happens when a state has to be shared between components that are far apart in the component tree. This makes the state difficult to maintain and less predictable. Redux is used to maintain and update data across your applications for multiple components to share, all while remaining independent of the components. Redux is an example of a JavaScript library whose enduring popularity is a testament to its value.

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Consider your cashier in the bank as a Reducer in your Redux application. To WITHDRAW_MONEY from your bank vault, you need to convey your intention/action to the cashier first. Now the cashier will follow some process and it will communicate to the bank vault that holds all the bank’s money. To update the state of your application you need to convey your action to the reducer.

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The logic of your app is more predictable and easier to understand, because Redux architecture follows a strict unidirectional data flow. Reducers specify how the application’s state changes in response to actions that are dispatched to the store. Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps, and a very valuable tool for organizing application state. It’s a popular library to manage state in React apps, but it can be used just as well with Angular, Vue.js or just plain old vanilla JavaScript.
redux definition
Given an initial state, with a specific list of actions in a specific order, it’ll always provide us with the exact same final state of the entity. And firing the action of adding one item to the cart again will increase the number of items in the cart to 2. What makes Redux predictable is that to make a change in the state of the application, we need to dispatch an action which describes what changes we want to make in the state. Now that we have a reducer function, we can create a store instance by

What’s an Action Creator?

calling the Redux library createStore API. The Redux DevTools Extension shows a history of the changes to the state in your Redux store over time.

  • Redux can integrate with any UI framework, and is most frequently used with React.
  • Some nice things you can do with Redux are logging, hot reloading, time travel, universal apps, recording, replay, etc.
  • For this app, we’re going to track a single number with the current value of our counter.
  • Note that the state parameter is a default parameter which accepts an initial state.

Here’s a preview of the app which we’ll be building in this article. It’s a great project you can add to your portfolio and resume. Now if the user wants to add another item to the cart, then they will have to click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the item. The Redux store is the main, central bucket which stores all the states of an application. It should be considered and maintained as a single source of truth for the state of the application.
redux definition
An example of redux is the return of bell bottoms from the 1960’s. Now the file App.js will have a slight difference in its code. Before you start learning Redux, make sure you know the basics of React. The type can be any operation you want to perform, like ADD_USER, DELETE_RECORD, GET_USERS and so on. Here, we’re using ES6 default parameter syntax for initializing the state parameter to value 0. It’s a library that you can use in any other library or framework like Angular, Vue, and even vanilla JavaScript.

We have also imported a component ButtonGroup which is basically responsible for rendering the three buttons. Component takes an array of technologies and spits out buttons. In the same way, when you create a Redux Store you do a similar kind of initial deposit which is known as initialState. We will represent this initialState as a second argument passed into the createStore. State management is a big concern in large applications and Redux solves this problem.

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