Legal Matters and Regulations – What You Need to Know

Yo, let’s talk about the law, and the things that we should know
We got butterfly knives in Kentucky, are they allowed to show?
And where in the world can you find male prostitution that’s actually legal?
And what’s the deal with the disbursement agreement, and what’s the contract’s provision?
What’s the due date for the PAYE settlement agreement, yo that ain’t no joke
And don’t forget the laws of conservation of mass, an example would be so dope
For playing baseball at Diamond Nation, check out the bat rules for legal compliance
When it comes to audits, do you know the engagement letter requirements? That’s a key to your alliance
The legal limit of alcohol in Louisiana, do you understand the DUI laws?
And what about the meaning of contract schedule, get familiar with the legal terms
For a courthouse wedding in Richmond, get legal guidance and tips

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