Legal Raps and Jams

Legal Raps and Jams

How to pay Michigan sales tax online? Let me give you a step-by-step guide
So you can abide by the legal rules that reside in your state
Make sure you’re in compliance, don’t be late,
Pay your dues, don’t procrastinate
Avoid any penalties, don’t hesitate

What’s the legal age for you to see a doctor alone in Australia?
When can you make a medical appointment on your own?
Find out the law, don’t be left in the unknown
Know your rights, know when you can be grown

Need help with a contract lawyer in Mississauga?
Someone to assist with legal dealings and strife
You don’t have to bear the legal load of life
Get yourself a lawyer to avoid legal strife

What are the legally required benefits for an employee?
Know what you’re entitled to and fight for your right
Don’t let your employer keep you out of sight
Understand the law and put up a fight

Ever wondered about the meaning of “In the Court of the Crimson King”?
Let’s do a legal analysis of the song’s ring
Understand the law, make your mind swing
Know the legal side, let the music sing

What’s the meaning of “dolo” in criminal law?
It’s something you should know, don’t let it become a flaw
Educate yourself, don’t be caught off guard
Understand the law, it’s your legal reward

What do you need to know about
BSP rules in astrology?
Let’s dive into the legal compliance without a redo
So you’re informed and always know what to do
Understand the law like it’s no taboo

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