Is it Legal? A Rap about Legal Issues

Yo, listen up, I’ve got the facts, about the law, and all the acts,

First up is the used car agreement template, you gotta use it right, when you’re selling a car, it’s outta sight

Next question’s about the tips that you make at a restaurant, can the owner take, or are they for the staff, to help them live their life, without no flack

Then there’s a wild one, is it legal to sell a positive test, is it for real, or is it a jest, you gotta know the law, and what it permits, don’t wanna end up in the pits

Now let’s talk about power of attorney, it’s a legal right, to make decisions for someone, with all your might, so get it legit, and get it tight, to avoid any legal fight

Confidentiality agreement, and NDA, what’s the diff, between these two, they sound so fancy, like a legal stew, but you gotta know, the diff for real, to avoid any legal ordeal

When you’re in business, you might wanna double down, it’s a term you gotta know, to avoid a frown, it means to increase, your efforts and bet, on something you believe, will bring success, no room for any guess

Wondering about who’s GMP certified in India? Well wonder no more, I got the list right here, for sure, they’ve got the stamp of quality, so you can trust their ability, no reason for any hostility

If you wanna be a CPA, better know your practical experience, and be aware of the requirements, to adhere, it’s a path you gotta navigate, with careful attention, to avoid any legal frustration

Finally, let’s talk about labour law, it’s the rules of the game, to protect the workers, and bring them fame, you gotta know your rights, and your boss’s duty, so you can work in peace, and avoid any hostility

So there you have it, the legal rap, with all the facts, so you don’t fall into a trap, now you know, what’s legal and what’s not, so you can stay outta trouble, and keep your spot

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