The Legal Rap

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Yo, let’s talk about the legal rap
From international students to a contract gap
You wanna study at Humboldt, Berlin,
Here’s what you need, don’t let it be a sin
Check the requirements, know what you need,
And you’ll be on track, guaranteed to succeed.
Abortion laws in Maine, is it okay?
Learn about the legal ways it’s done today.
Don’t breach the contract, be on the right form,
For legal advice, keep your business norms.
Need aid in Santa Barbara, CA?
Legal help is there, don’t be in dismay.
Thinking about a conveyancer and their pay,
Learn about the salary, don’t let it sway.
Estoppel, evidence, key concepts to know,
Be prepared, let the legal principles flow.
Is absinthe legal in France, laws to understand,
Know the regulations, don’t let it be bland.
Representation agreement, your rights to know,
Be in the loop, let the legal info show.
Contract salary equivalent, what’s it all about?
Know the guidelines, don’t be left without.
Residential tenancy agreement form RTB-1,
Legal rental document, don’t be on the decline.
So there you have it, the legal rap complete,
Explore the links, don’t accept defeat.

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